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sol´i-dus n1
[1] Roman Antiq. A gold coin valued at about $3.02.
[2] A medieval money of amount equal to 12 denarii.
[3] A typographic element used to separate numbers in a fraction, lines of poetry, or parts of a Web address.

Publishing is switched on!

Solidus Systems is a full-service web-publishing technology company, ready to deliver a broad range of electronic publishing, graphic design, and database technologies. With over half a century of experience in delivering a combination of information technology solutions, desktop publishing and graphic design, Solidus Systems is well positioned to provide balanced, practical and profitable solutions to your communications and publishing needs. We provide answers to the problems and promise of electronic publishing and graphics technology.

Traditional publishing of printed books is quickly giving way to a combination of print, Web, and other innovative methods of publishing & communicating. Technology, thoughtfully employed, can expand creativity, improve communications, marketing, and present genuine business opportunities. Once over-hyped terms are now passé; e-mail, e-media, e-commerce, e-business, are — e-nough!

As any technology matures, we emerge from the hype and are ready to apply balanced solutions to everyday business problems. publishing and communication issues. Solidus can integrate the traditions of publishing & graphics design with the new challenges of electronic delivery and data management.


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