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Solidus Systems is a design, production, and technical conversion service for the publishing industry. Our people are book-people. Book-people with the depth of technical experience to deliver your content in the proper manner for your target market. We bring a deep understanding of the software, hardware & network components required to operate in this increasingly complex and exciting industry.

We know publishing from the early days of computer set type on proprietary systems, through the current standards of desktop-run software and Internet distribution.

We appreciate the fundamental importance of the craft: from typography, graphic design, artwork, photography, copyediting, proofreading, and indexing, with the application of what's under the hood to make your publications really take off.

We also understand what's under the hood. Today all aspects of the publishing industry are digitially supported.

Solidus Systems provides new media service for publishers. We have taken the strengths of established partners in the publishing and information technology fields and combined them to form a new company focused on the exciting challenges of publishing to emerging new media. Solidus Systems is constantly developing the processes, practices and techniques for the practical application of digital publishing technologies. The result is that your assets can be

  • delivered to your target customers,
  • with the right content,
  • with the right quality,
  • and in the right medium!

Do you want your new journal published on the Web? Do you need PDF files for Are you planning to port a title to e-book format? Is a CD-ROM supplement needed for inclusion with the printed book? Do you want to simultaneously publish your content to traditional print, Flash Animation, Digital Video or e-Book formats? Do you need to distribute on CD, the Web, or via e-mail? Solidus Systems can do it all for you.

The industry is buzzing about XML and the future of cross-media publishing. Does it make sense today? Is it something to think about for tommorow? Can you integrate your existing database systems with your new content with intelligent and elegent links? These are all questions that Solidus Systems is excited to answer. We work with you to create projects that will meet your cross-media needs today, while looking ahead to the future of electronic content delivery.