& Distribution

“The single biggest
problem in communication
is the illusion that it has
taken place.”
— Bernard Shaw

We can work with you as a publisher or content provider to create the best electronic solution for your project. The many electronic tools and outlets available today can bring new functionality and interactivity to material that is just not available with the printed book.

Your distribution method and materials will be designed for your target market. We will work with you or your marketing firm to coordinate a winning technical strategy and execute the tactics to improve your business.

Solidus Systems is experience in deploying information and technical results in a variety of pertinent media. A small sampling of some types of distribution mechanisms and their purposes are:

Reference Material

  • Electronic conversion of previously printed material utilizing hyperlinks and meta tags for cross-document references.
  • Additional reference material, glossary or indexing, as a supplement to a printed book.
  • Database search engines for adding value to any large volume of information.

Educational Material

  • Interactive learning material for Web or CD delivery.
  • Testware on CD-ROM for inclusion in a printed book.
  • Access and distribution of ancilliary material: Instructor's Manuals, Answers to Exercises, Test banks, etc.
  • Customized Intranet supplemental material to be used within the university or school environment. Either a teacher's guide, testing material, student workbook, or as an integrated course overview and student guide.

Direct-Mail Marketing

  • Creation of brochures, coupons, or other marketing collateral for marketing your products and services.
  • Composition of full-motion video on CD for wholesale presentations and sales.
  • Composition of Flash animation for distribution on CD or as part of your web presence.
  • Establishing direct e-mail advertising campaigns with full motion animation via the latest video compression technologies or with vector graphics in Macromedia Flash™.

Records Retention

  • Asset management of current and future business materials / records.
  • Cross-referencing of titles within and between disciplines.
  • Establishing a databse of referenced works across published titles.

Re-usable Content

Repurpose your existing material to enable your customers to get more value out of your resources.

  • Customize your content to focus on target markets.
  • Use your web content as marketing collateral or conversely utilize your marketing collateral as an integral component of your web-presence.
  • Custom e-publishing to specialized professional or corporate markets.
  • Re-use your content to enter additional markets.
  • Electronic version of printed material–re-purpose existing texts that are already in electronic format for print production. Simple pdf conversion or linked and searchable formats can be marketed outside traditional channels.
  • Re-purposing either entire titles or portions as customized professional or corporate presentations


Please contact our for more details and to arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs and how they can be address by a solution from Solidus Systems.