Tools & Utilities

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is.”
— Jan L.A. van de Snepscheut

We utilize a wide variety of tools and utilities for the development of software, graphics, and integrating them together — delivering solutions to your business. In the course of evolving our “bag of tricks”, we have decided to post a few examples on our site for your use. Many such tools are available on the Internet, some at cost, others free. Here are a few that range from the quite useful to the just plain fun!

E-mail Obfuscator

Utility to take an e-mail address and convert it into a string of ISO Latin-1 codes wrapped in a Javascript. The Javascript may then be placed in a web page, to represent a fully functional e-mail address link. The link may be used for people to contact your business yet provides resistance to e-mail harvesting programs used by Spammers. Don't let you or your customers fall victim to spammers!

Unicode Table

This conversion table can be used to interpret ASCII codes used in the development of WWW pages. Such codes are necessary to represent special characters in the development of pages. For example, an "em-dash" appears as "—" but must be coded as "&#8212" for it to appear correctly. This is one of the many marriages of typesetting and web page design that needs to be addressed during development of your site. Currently this table is written solely for the ISO Latin-1 character set most commonly used by U.S. businesses and customers.

Demonstration Games

Play that venerable arcade game...we just could resist placing this Flash demonstration from Macromedia on this page for you to see the capabilities of this Web technology.


Other tools, utilities (& games) will be forthcoming from time to time. Check back soon!