Email Countermeasures

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Hiding Your Email
For the the Medium to High Threat Environment

— Adapted from Tim Williams: AntiSpam Countermeasures

This form takes your e-mail address and converts it into the ISO-Latin-1 code for each character. It then makes a big string of those codes wrapped in a Javascript. This Javascript must then be placed in the web page you are developing. Someone using a Javascript enabled browser will see your address and be able to mail you via a standard mailto: link, however any e-mail harvesting agents will merely see an array of numbers, not even an @ sign will be visible. Your email will appear as

60, 97, 32, 104, 114, 101, 102, 61, 34, 109, 97, 105, 108, 116, 111, 58, 116, 105, 109, 109, 121, 119, 64, 97, 108, 111, 104, 97, 46, 110, 101, 116, 34, 62, 116, 105, 109, 109, 121, 119, 64, 97, 108, 111, 104, 97, 46, 110, 101, 116, 60, 47, 97, 62

to an email harvesting progam. This will thwart the majority of those disreputable scoundrels who see fit to sell your address without your permission. In the construction of websites, we always take steps countermeasures to secure the information at the proper level for the proper medium.

This page will output the Javascript containing those codes which you will need to copy and put in your page where you want your address to appear. If you want someone without a Javascript enabled browser to email you, then you will have to either include your email, suitably camoflauged, in the noscipt tag or obfuscate it using a simpler method — such as substituting each character of your e-mail address for the corresponding hexadecimal code.

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